CBN tool (Cubic Boron Nitride)

CBN tool, the most advantageous tool material to machining hard material, to achieve a high-speed turning, heavy turning, dry turning and other methods, but also achieve that turning instead of grinding.

The main machining objects are high hardness cast iron (high chromium cast iron, nickel hard cast iron, chilled cast iron, high alloy cast iron), high hardness steel (hardened high hardness steel, high manganese steel), powder metallurgy, hardened steel above HRC45. The best advantages of tool material for machining high hardness difficult to process ferrous metal.

  • Single edgesafe, economy and convenient.
  • Sandwich typeOne welding with two edge, not only fast and convenient, but also can ensure the use of the effect of the two edges.
  • The overall typeSolid CBN

PCD tool (Polycrystalline Diamond)

PCD ultra-hard tool is the use of super-hard material PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and tool base through a special process made of the tool. High hardness, high compressive strength, good thermal conductivity, and good wear resistance.

  • With suitable for non-ferrous metal and non-metallic turning and milling.
  • 12% carbon contain aluminum alloy, composite (glass fiber and carbon fiber).

The foreign inport used CBN and Tungsten Carbide insert tools

The used CBN insert is all inport from Japan. Quality is absolutely fine.

Tungsten steel cutting tools, tungsten carbide tools, ultra-fine particles of tungsten steel tools, hard alloy cutting tools are the same class of tools, its composition for the tungsten carbide (WC) by the composition of tungsten powder and carbon compounds, it’s called Tungsten Carbide, referred to as Carbide. ultra-fine particles of tungsten steel tools only add some trace elements in the tungsten carbide to increase the hardness and wear resistance.
Which P class, M class, K class is different in accordance with the turning material.

  • P class (the most commonly used) is suitable for turning steel, medium carbon steel, high carbon steel, tool steel, mold steel.
  • K class is suitable for turning high hardness materials such as cast iron, high speed steel (HSS) or has been heat treated materials.
  • M class between the P and K class , is suitable for turning more difficult material or high tensile strength materials such as stainless steel (SUS), malleable cast iron.

Customized tools

  • Provide customized tool, speed up the solution of the problem.
  • According to customer needs or design that customization of the tool, solve customer problems correctly.
  • The material changed can be made, so that can improve customers quality and production efficiency.

Note: Welcome to inquire about the special material and tool customize.